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Blackness is Everything

Blackness is Everything is an experimental/performative short film that celebrates the diversity of the Black diaspora in The Bay Area. Produced by BAYCAT Studio with funding from the Skoll Foundation.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brooklyn Film Festi
GMA semi-finalist 2021 B.png
Black Truth-Laurel1.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 12.18.40
Queens - 2021 Transparent.png

My Own Mecca

My Own Mecca is a story of a young man, Dre, and his relationship with his vessel. We learn how he must contort into different versions of himself in order to navigate through his world.  The plot follows Dre living his day to day life in Oakland, California. Dre and his wife, Anyssa, are soon to be moving to a new location but are struggling to find the right spot due to the high rent in the Bay Area.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Palm Springs Intern
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brooklyn Film Festi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 11th Annual Charlot
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 19th Oakland International Film Festival - 2021.png

Reclaiming The Earth (raw clips)

Reclaiming The Earth is an unfinished short film project currently going through post production. Set to release February 2022. These are unedited/uncolored raw clips. 

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