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Rexx Life Raj - Hands & Knees

Rexx Life Raj - Hands & Knees

Hands and Knees by Rexx Life Raj feels like a journal entry. An intimate moment that Raj has with himself to come to terms with his emotional state. To me this song served as an exhale.. a release.. so I wanted the visuals to match. This video surrounds us with the concept of motherhood. From the gentle waves of the ocean as a spiritual representation, to the brown walls of the chapel symbolizing his mother’s warm embrace, to the visual of the mother and son bond that ends the video. My goal as a director is emotional connection between the audience and the subjects which is why I tend lean towards shooting on film. The texture, the colors, the energy that comes from film makes the video feel more like a memory. LINK: Artist - Rexx Life Raj (@rexxliferaj) Director - Alba Roland Mejia (@albogold) DP - Jon Warfield Harrison (@jonharrisonsb) Editor - Anders Ericsson (@anderswericsson) Colorist - Cameron Marygold (@cameronmarygold) Producer - Addae Hill (@producedbyaddae) Prod. Coordinator - Gee Moloi (@geemoloi) 1st AD - Sabrina Mota (@sabrinadraco) Prod. Assistant - Taylor-Anne Harris (@pixiehunni) Prod. Assistant - Raphael Mallari (@raphael.avm) 1st AC - Angel V Hernandez (@mariovhernandez) 1st AC - Luke Lasley (@lukelasley) 1st AC - Laurel Wong (@laurelbwong) 2nd AC - Adam Roenker (@adamroenker) 2nd AC - Colby Riley (@canalknight) 2nd AC - Jesus Ochoa (@jes.dos) Steadicam Op - Peggy Peralta (@steadipeggy_ricebelly) Steadicam Op - Michael Naify (@dengo91) Gaffer - Carlos Mauricio Gonzalez (@mind.of.carlos) Gaffer - Tehan Davis (@the_tehan_) Key Grip - Connor Benson (@connorgbenson) Art Director - Yasmine Nickle (@gallons.of.blood) Art Assistant - Sabrina Ghidossi (@sab_ghidossi) Wardrobe - Rosina Ghebreyesus (@rosinasgarden) Wardobe - Ariel Mei (@ariel.meii) HMU - Antoine Fisher (@lookslikemoneycreations)
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